When will Kate Middleton resume her royal duties?  – The NY Journal

When will Kate Middleton resume her royal duties? – The NY Journal


The Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonit seems that she does not plan to return to public duties in the remainder of 2024 because her cancer treatments are her priority, as revealed to the British press by a source close to the princess.

Although the first estimates, published by Daily Mail, of Prince William’s wife’s recovery had been based on her return to royal duties this fall, everything seems to indicate that it might not be like that.

In a recent report by The Daily Beast, a source close to Kate reported that the princess’s schedule is empty, so she may not return to her duties this year.

“Many people involved in planning need to know well in advance what managers are doing. I’m told Kate’s diary for this year is empty. There is nothing planned. He may not appear in public for the rest of the year“.

Due to the above, the source estimates that the Princess of Wales will make another video like the one she published to announce her cancer diagnosis.

Wouldn’t rule out another video message updating the UK on his health. That turned out to be a very effective way to keep conspiracy theorists at bay.

“The key for her now is to avoid any kind of stress or anxiety and just get on with the task of getting better. They will get out of trouble and go to Sandringham the moment school is over,” I continue.

The informant also assured that Kate remains surrounded by people she trusts, besides his familywith whom she has remained close in the midst of her cancer treatments.

“The circle of trust is small. She’s been surrounded by her parents Carole and Michael, her sister Pippa and her brother James, obviously they’ve been there for her too. They are an incredibly close-knit family and Kate feels absolutely safe trusting them. “They have been there for her for decades and have never let her down,” the source shared.

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