Which side is he on?: Miguel Layún defends Lionel Messi in the controversy with Canelo Álvarez and he exhibits a private conversation with the former Tri player

Which side is he on?: Miguel Layún defends Lionel Messi in the controversy with Canelo Álvarez and he exhibits a private conversation with the former Tri player

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Since Sunday afternoon, Canelo Álvarez has been in the eye of the hurricane, since he threatened Messi after watching a video in which he has a Mexican National Team shirt on the ground and touches it with his foot in the dressing room.

After several controversial tweets, the boxer from Jalisco divided opinions, some supported him in his nationalist speech that the shield should not be on the floor and others criticized him for exaggerating the fact, justifying that this is normal behavior in a locker room soccer.

From the moment he made his publications, Argentine fans and Messi’s friends are the ones who have described him as exaggerated and ignorant on the subject of football, while the majority of Mexican fans are the ones who have defended him.

Miguel Layún sided with Messi

The curious thing about the case is that there was a Mexican who wrote a tweet in which he justified the Argentine and it was neither more nor less than Miguel Layún, who is a friend of the boxer and who for many years was part of the Aztec team.

“Brother, you have always defended Mexico like few others, you have made millions of us feel proud. I share my opinion. We leave the shirts on the ground because they are sweaty and normally they take them to wash before handing them over, he takes off his shoe and touches the shirt, that’s all”, explained the left back of América.

Canelo Álvarez exhibited a private WhatsApp conversation with Miguel Layún

However, the response was not what the defender expected, since far from bringing Canelo to his senses, he responded with a series of laughing emojis and an image that shows a private conversation between them, which, presumably, would be of the last hours, since it gives the impression that they are talking about the subject of the jersey and Messi, although it is not mentioned explicitly.

“I admire you a lot for what you do and how you push the band (…) Let’s go forward, brother! Hopefully things will work out”, is something that is read in the conversation between the athletes.

It seems that, with the mocking smile emojis, Canelo’s intention was to show that the Mexican soccer player supported him in private, when in public his speech was different.

Finally, Miguel Layún, far from being offended or upset by the revelation of the private conversation, closed the topic with a new message of support and admiration for the unified champion of the super middleweight category.

I have always admired you and how I told you in wa, I will continue to do so, for me you are doing nothing more than saying what you think, and that is to be valued! My admiration and respect is and will be. Always forward!“He concluded

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