Who are the remaining participants in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?  – The NY Journal

Who are the remaining participants in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’? – The NY Journal

La Casa de los Famosos 16

‘The House of Famous People 4’ The grand final is approaching and there are 10 participants left in the reality show to date. Each of them is in a decisive phase for the grand prize of $200,000, which one of them will win.

At this stage, the public is even more decisive, since a small miscalculation could result in any of them leaving.

In the competition, before this Monday’s elimination, the following players remain:

-Lupillo Rivera

-Maripily Rivera

-Rodrigo Romeh

-Geraldine Bazan

-Patricia Corcino

-Cristina Porta


-Paulo Quevedo

-Alana Lliteras

-Aleska Genesis

From this moment on, it is likely that not everyone will play as a team, as it would not favor them as much as at the beginning of the competition, when this element of the teams helps the public identify more quickly with some of them.

The location of the audience also has a lot of influence, since although many follow what is happening 24/7 or the clips that circulate on social networks, only the vote of those who reside in the United States has power.

The formula of past seasons in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

In the reality show, something that has worked is showing one’s personality without complexes. It also helps when they are vulnerable on screen in various situations and as an example of this are three authentic women who have won in their different seasons.

The group of winners so far is made up of Alicia Machado, Ivonne Montero and Madison Anderson, who organically managed to make the public connect with their different stories and each of them emerged as winners in the different editions of the reality television program.

On this occasion, many are betting that a man will be the winner, but with how varied the game has been, in which several have left and made harsh complaints against Telemundo, the outlook for what may happen is not clear. What is a fact is that people have greatly enjoyed the different events that have been recorded, going through different feelings, due to the way in which they have identified with several of them.

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