Who is Belén Alonso, the strict judge of ‘Top Chef VIP 3’?  – The NY Journal

Who is Belén Alonso, the strict judge of ‘Top Chef VIP 3’? – The NY Journal

Top Chef VIP 3

Belén Alonso is part of the jury that evaluates the dishes of the participants of the reality show ‘Top Chef VIP 3’, broadcast by the Telemundo television network.

Within her participation in this first week she has already received some comments from the public, who consider that she has been quite strict with the celebrities.

However, this level of demand is no coincidence, since she is a chef with extensive experience and that is why she wants the contestants to bring out the best in each preparation.

Chef Belén Alonso in ‘Top Chef VIP 3’

We know about Belén Alonso that she was born in Mexico City and has Spanish ancestry. Her passion for cooking began when she was little. However, it was in France that she had one of the great moments of her life, when she studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

There he began to train in European cuisine, with special emphasis on Spanish and French.

His talent has made him take part in different cooking competitions, in which he has had the job of evaluating the contestants with a high level of demand.

In an interview with ‘Mujer Imparables’ she told details of the role she assumed in the program hosted by Colombian Carmen Villalobos. “It is a responsibility. “I come to evaluate dishes, not people”said.

She has also revealed that the television network has received her very well: “They have treated me like ten. I feel at home. Like in my kitchen.”

Their role is decisive, because together with Toño de Livier, and Inés “Chef Tita” Paéz they determine who continues in the competition with the different challenges that they are given every day.

This competition is one of the most attractive among the Hispanic public in the United States, as they see celebrities in an intense role, in which they must demonstrate how good they are in the kitchen with challenges that push their emotions to the limit.

The winner of the reality show, in which there are rivalries, surprises and even love affairs, wins a prize of $200,000 in cash.

Who is your favorite in this edition of ‘Top Chef VIP 4’?

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