Who is Brittany Dixon, the woman who gained fame for her resemblance to Kate Middleton?

Who is Brittany Dixon, the woman who gained fame for her resemblance to Kate Middleton?



So far this 2024 has been somewhat scandalous for the British royal familysince not only the illness of King Carlos III has attracted the attention of the entire world, but also the ‘disappearance’ of Kate Middleton well after his abdominal operation last January, the Wale’s princess She has not been seen in public again, but through social networks the name of a young woman has come to light who has caused a furor due to her resemblance to Prince William’s wife; she is Brittany Dixon and here we present it to you.

It is important to mention that many versions have revolved around the health of the mother of Princes George, Charlotte and Louis, since the Windsors have been somewhat mysterious regarding the evolution of Kate Middleton, because there have been endless speculations theories ranging from advanced stage cancer, divorce proceedings with the heir to the throne and even the possible Death of the Princess of Wales.

However the Buckingham Palace has remained completely strong in terms of releasing any information involving the daughter-in-law of King Charles IIIsince despite the media pressure to know what has happened to the whereabouts of the princess 42 years old, nothing has been made known about it, since the latest reports They claimed that he was already feeling much better and was almost ready to resume his activities.

What is a fact is that in the midst of this dispute of versions to know what has really happened to Kate Middleton A young woman has come to light who has surprised the cyber community with her incredible resemblance to the Wale’s princess, and then we will tell you who it is and the evidence that it could well be the twin sister of the future queen consort of England.

She is Brittany Dixon, the woman who could be Kate Middleton’s twin sister

Through social networks, a series of images came to light of a woman who many claimed was the Wale’s princess, but it is not like that because it has also become trend the name of an Australian artist who shows her creations through her Instagram account, and without a doubt the relationship between these two women It has left the world with its mouth open.

And the resemblance to her is truly surprising, because even the young woman’s own sister, Candice Dixon made a reel go viral in which she herself acknowledged that she found Brittany similarities very similar to those of Kate Middleton furthermore putting up advising that Netflix I would have bet on his sister to play the Wale’s princess in the final season of The Crown than actress Meg Bellamy.

Photo: IG/brittanydixonart/Getty Images

The woman has 15 thousand followers on her Instagram account and through his comments in different publications many have told him how much he looks like Kate Middletonbecause some have even created different conspiratorial versions where they claim that she could be the woman who appears next to the prince william shopping, a video that went viral a couple of days ago.

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