Who says me?  ‘The One, considered the largest mansion in the world, to be auctioned

Who says me? ‘The One, considered the largest mansion in the world, to be auctioned

That's how majestic 'The One' looks from above.

That’s how majestic ‘The One’ looks from above.

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Next February the novel starring the imposing mansion known as ‘The One’, which is considered the largest in the world and, for a time, was also classified as the most expensive, when it was said that its value would be around the $ 500 millions.

The imposing building, which was developed by Nile niamj and it has not been finished yet, it will be auctioned at the beginning of February by $ 295 million dollars, a figure well below what was believed to be worth, but which would be enough to remain the most expensive in the history of the country.

“When it is sold, it will be the most important purchase in the world. While in 2021, digital properties like NFTs made headlines in monumental and unique sales, 2022 brings us back to the physical world with The One, a real estate property unmatched in size, scale, security and triumphant design, ”he reported. Agent Aaron Kirman in a statement.



The residence, located on a lot of 3.8 acres in the exclusive Bel-Air area, was called to be the house of his dreams for Nile Niamj, but it ended up becoming his worst nightmare, to such a degree that he was forced to auction it because he did not have enough funds to pay all the debts he acquired.

According to court documents, cited by CNBC, Niami accumulates a debt that is around $ 165 million, which triggered the Los Angeles County Superior Court to put her on receivership.

What is ‘The One’ like and why does it cost so much?

‘The One’ received that name because it is a unique house in Los Angeles and it will continue to be so, since the regulations of the city no longer allow the construction of a real estate project of such magnitudes.

The mansion, which has an area of ​​105,000 square feet and took nine years to build, has 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, several kitchens, a dining room, a living room, a main room, TV room, among other rooms.

It is completed by a disco, bar, bowling alley, golf green, cinema room, spa with Turkish bath, beauty salon, party room for 200 people, seven swimming pools, guest house, as well as space for 40 cars. among other amenities.

Despite the spectacular nature of the project and that it seems to have what we have always dreamed of, the lack of resources led Niami to abort two of the great plans he had for his homes, such as the construction of an ice bar and a room full of jellyfish.

Before justice knocked on his door to hold him accountable, the developer had shared his wishes to turn the house into an entertainment center, but everything was, again, a simple wish.


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