Who won immunity today, May 23, on ‘Top Chef VIP 3?’  – The NY Journal

Who won immunity today, May 23, on ‘Top Chef VIP 3?’ – The NY Journal

Top Chef VIP

The tests in the kitchen ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ They advance and this Thursday they chose another winner of immunity and the “secret advantage”, which allows one of the celebrities to save this week from elimination.

The winner on this occasion was José María Galeano, a Spanish actor who has demonstrated his skills in preparing exquisite dishes.

The contestants tonight faced a test in which they had to imitate a dish that had an octopus as its main ingredient. They did this preparation as a couple and the artist who won today, May 23, was with Pancho Uresti.

This is the second immunity test that the heartthrob has faced and in this attempt he managed to achieve it.

Others who have won the benefit that allows them to remain in competition are Natalia Juárez and Carolina Tejera.

To close the show, Carmen Villalobos announced that this Friday there will be surprises: “Rest, because this season is full of competition and challenges.”

Galeano, excited about ‘Top Chef VIP 3’

On his Instagram account, the Spaniard spoke about how excited he is about this project, as it will allow him to demonstrate a facet that perhaps few have seen.

“And now, ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ has started. In the first photo I am in practice, trying out things and with a sad face because the recipes don’t always turn out the way one wants or expects. In the second, I am presenting my first dish in the competition in front of the chefs,” said.

Then, he explained that the recordings are demanding, but that he tries to continue sharing with his audience on the networks: “I write this in a space that we have between the morning cooking and the afternoon cooking. It is an incredible experience to be here. Brutal. I never thought I could learn, enjoy and gain as many things as I am gaining; Above all, good friends that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you all for the supportive comments and for the great love you have been giving us for weeks; and even more so now, with the premiere of the show. We move forward.”

José María Galeano asked for people’s support in this new professional commitment: “Don’t stop supporting us all; You don’t know how much the love of all of you is needed here. I tell you from the bottom of my heart. It doesn’t matter who your favorite is… support everyone with all your energy because you don’t know how hard this is on many occasions.”

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