Why did Gregorio Pernía ‘El Titi’ leave La Casa de los Famosos 4?

Why did Gregorio Pernía ‘El Titi’ leave La Casa de los Famosos 4?


During the four weeks that have passed since it was released ‘The House of Famous People 4’ Everything has happened, from fights, altercations, arguments, eliminated and also those who by their own decision they abandoned the competition. In this last instance, the most recent to make this decision was Gregorio Pernia. His departure was so unexpected, since he was one of the viewers’ favorites; However, he had a moving reason why “El Titi” made this blunt decision.

Every season of The House of the Famous It has been special and different with artists who, thanks to their unique personality that they show on the 24/7 broadcast, have earned the affection of viewers, which upon their departure is a great loss for the program. As is already known, the format states that each week one person will be chosen in the elimination gala to leave the competition, although in this fourth edition some participants have decided to leave the reality show by personal decision.

Week after week, only four participants have left the house through public voting; These have been: Christian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada and Ariadna Gutiérrez. On the other hand, Thalí García left the facilities without having been eliminated, which left a void in the hearts of her teammates, especially Lupillo Rivera, with whom she had made a team and strategies; who also couldn’t stand the isolation was Gregorio Pernía.

Gregorio Pernía gave him claustrophobia in LCDF 4

On the night of February 22, “La Jefa” announced in a statement that one person would leave the competition. This was Gregorio Pernia –known as “El Titi” for his role in Without breasts there is no paradise. The actor said goodbye to his colleagues sobbing for not continuing to live with them for more weeks and before leaving his isolation, he thanked them all, adding that he already considers them as part of his family.

“The person who encouraged me to come here was my family. I hope I haven’t left you wrong. They were weeks in a very hard process, of great learning, where he had patience and tolerance,” said the Colombian.


Upon his departure, already in the Telemundo forum, the hosts asked him the reason why he would have made the decision to abandon the competition, to which the Colombian said he chose to return to his family and regain the freedom he enjoys in his daily life. He noted that he got claustrophobic from being locked in four walls where he was watched 24 hours a day.

“When I came in I didn’t think it was going to hit me so hard. I felt like my heart was ripped out. […] I never thought I suffered from claustrophobia,” Pernía explained.

The members of the Fourth Earth regretted the departure of Pernía from The House of the Famous 4 and during the rest of the evening there was an atmosphere of desolation and sadness. Lupillo Rivera and Ariadna Gutiérrez could not hold back their tears.

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