Why did Mark Tacher leave ‘Top Chef VIP 3’?  The insistent question they ask on the networks – El Diario NY

Why did Mark Tacher leave ‘Top Chef VIP 3’? The insistent question they ask on the networks – El Diario NY

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The Mexican actor Mark Tacher left the competition this Friday ‘Top Chef VIP 3’which broadcasts on the Telemundo television network and the big question that its fans ask is what was the reason for it being left out of the culinary competition.

In a recent video that the artist uploaded, many asked him why he left the program that arrived this week, after ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ ended, which had the most successful season in its history.

Given the suddenness of the news, followers of the actor, known for his work in novels such as ‘La hija del mariachi’, have asked him insistently: “Hello, why did you leave ‘Top Chef VIP’?”, “Why did you leave the competition?”, “We want to know why you left the competition, what happened?”, “What happened to you in ‘Top VIP Chef’? Account”.

Mark Tacher leaves ‘Top Chef VIP 3’

The news of Mark Tacher’s departure from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ was with few details, which is why a wave of speculation has been generated about what may have happened.

In addition to this, there is a lack of information on the part of the artist, who has not even uploaded content on his networks related to the program, something quite strange, due to how important the program is and that it adds another experience to his outstanding artistic career.

The host of ‘Sale el Sol’ had already connected with some viewers of the competition, and that is why they have shown their regret that he will no longer be on the show.

Although the premiere of the production is only a few days away, there is talk of other departures that could be announced next week. As is the case of Paty Navidad and Daniela Castro, who were not seen in this Friday’s broadcast.

Precisely this detail has been noticed by some viewers, who have indicated it on the Telemundo networks. “The truth is I didn’t even notice his absence. The ones I did notice were Daniela Castro and Paty Navidad who were not there today. The one I want to leave quickly is the Puma who is not doing anything on the show”, “Why do people abandon Telemundo reality shows so quickly?”

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