Why did the Barcelona women’s team receive the Queen’s Cup medals in a bag?  – The opinion

Why did the Barcelona women’s team receive the Queen’s Cup medals in a bag? – The opinion

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Barcelona Femenino became champion of the Queen’s Cup with a superb victory against Real Sociedad. When they were going to collect the champions’ medals, they were given bags by a club assistant and not by leaders of the Spanish Federation.

This fact went viral on social networks due to the surprise of the female players at receiving the medals in bags and delivered by the same workers of the Catalan club.

“Is this a joke?” said Salma Paralluelo while receiving one of the medals. Although this fact has not only occurred in the female branch, but also in the male category.

This is a method that the RFEF has applied in previous tournaments such as the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey, giving as an example the finals of 2021 (Barça-Athletic) and 2022 (Betis-Valencia) in which the players were presented with the medals in the locker room by the staff.

It also happened in the Copa del Rey final with Real Madrid against Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao-Mallorca this season.

Barcelona comfortably beat Real Sociedad

Barça, after making good the prediction that gave them as a great favorite to lift the title As champion of the Queen’s Cup, he overwhelmed Real Sociedad and increased his record in the cup competition, winning his tenth title.

The Barça team won its fourth Cup in the last five years, succeeding Atlético de Madrid, winner of the previous edition, and stands out among the winners of the competition, since it has four more than the second in titles, which is Espanyol with six.

The Catalan team made use of the weight of its squad and budget and overcame a Real Sociedad that could only hold the initial score for four minutes and 48 seconds.

Ona Batlle opened the scoring to make it 5-0 at halftime with goals from Salma, the second eight minutes later; Graham Hansen, who scored the third and fourth, and the second from Batlle herself who scored the fifth in the 33rd minute.

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