Why didn’t Victoria Ruffo attend José Eduardo Derbez’s baby shower?

Why didn’t Victoria Ruffo attend José Eduardo Derbez’s baby shower?


A few weeks ago, the great news was announced that José Eduardo Derbez would become a father with his girlfriend Paola Dalay, which would be great news for his famous family, so Eugene Derbez and Victoria Ruffo They would be grandparents, and now they have celebrated the baby shower, one of the most anticipated moments for the dynasty, but there was a great absence which is causing controversy.

And the presence of the most important members of the actor’s family was expected, but the big absentee was his own mother, which has caused a series of questions from the fans, since it was an important moment, since for her it is the first time she is experiencing being a grandmother.

Contrary to the “queen of soap operas,” those who did attend the party were Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldoafter some exclusive images of the event were released, announced by the morning program “Hoy” through its social networks.

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Those who were also present at the event held in Mexico City were Aislinn Derbezhis daughter Kailani, Vadhir Derbez, as well as the youngest, Aitana, so it was surely exclusively a party for the comedian’s children.

The reason why Victoria Ruffo did not attend her granddaughter’s party

Social networks were filled with comments about the future baby’s baby shower, Tessaas many began to ask where the actress was or if she had been invited, while others pointed out that they must leave behind the differences of the past and learn to live together as a family.

Given all the comments unleashed, the one who had to come out to speak to clarify everything that happened was Paola, because something that also caught attention is that in addition to Victoria, those who were not there were also her parents, so she announced that there will be several parties.

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“There will be SEVERAL baby showers, THIS IS NOT THE ONLY ONE, please breathe, not even my parents are that worried,” Dalay wrote on Instagram.

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Likewise, the future mother announced that her parents will be present at the next party, so it is expected that that will be where the actress will also enjoy the baby shower. So far neither Ruffo nor José Eduardo have issued statements about this controversy.

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