Why is the new marijuana rule promoted by Biden important?  – The opinion

Why is the new marijuana rule promoted by Biden important? – The opinion


In addition to promoting research on the medical use of marijuanathe new rule proposed by President Joe Biden’s government will help reduce the prosecution and sentencing of people who use said drug.

“If the rule is finalized, it will allow Americans to have treatments available through another class three substance,” Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, said in an interview.

It refers to the reclassification of marijuana as a drugto place it in a lower category than other substances, such as heroin or LSD.

“Second, it will also remove the burden of some long-standing barriers to research.” [científica] essential. That means potentially more research on medical benefits of marijuana, even for veteransfor Americans with chronic diseases and for Americans with cancer, it also means that more drugs can be developed,” he highlighted.

The third immediate benefit will have a positive impact on populations of colorincluding Latinos, who have been prosecuted at higher rates for possession or simple use of marijuana.

“This will allow us to also have a criminal justice aspect where people can get their lives back,” Dr. Gupta noted. “That’s why President Biden has pardoned people with those convictions on multiple occasions and challenged state governors to do the right thing.” [en casos de convictos por consumo simple de marihuana]”.

An unusual process

The proposed rule will receive public comments for 60 days in the Federal Register, after which it must have an additional process with an administrative law judge and then the final rule would be prepared.

Why should a judge be involved?Dr. Gupta was questioned.

“For this particular process for marijuana it is important, because the Department of Justice can ask an administrative law judge to simply look at all the comments and all the evidence that comes from the public comment process,” he said.

This is so that the judge can ensure that the information received has an independent perspective and provide a recommendation before the agencies involved, such as the Department of Health and Justice, prepare the final rule.

Dr. Gupta added that removing marijuana from class one removes it from drugs that have no medicinal use, such as heroin or LSD.

“Marijuana should be passed from one class to another. Understand that class one substances are often those such as heroin and LSD, which have no medical value and [tienen] a high addictive potential,” he said.

Impact on the fight against drug trafficking

To express question, Dr. Gupta acknowledged that The new rule would also have a positive impact on the fight against organized crime.

“It is no secret that at this moment there is a lot of illegal marijuana cultivation,” he said. “There are many criminal aspects to this, even though some state measures have been taken.”

The new rule, he indicated, will allow people to know how to grow and consume marijuana under different and legal standards.

“This will allow people to have a reasonable, regularized and transparent process to obtain a medical benefit from marijuana, no matter where they live or who they are,” said Dr. Gupta. “The illegal economy exists, because there is a demand. And this will help take the pressures and burdens off the people who really need help when it comes to medical marijuana.”

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