Wild bull attacks a restaurant in China and throws a customer into the air

The bull escaped a butcher shop moments before it was to be slaughtered.

The bull escaped a butcher shop moments before it was to be slaughtered.

Photo: Ingo Joseph / Pexels

A video broadcast on social networks shows the exact moment a runaway bull crashed into a restaurant and threw a man into the air in eastern China.

The video filmed in the city of Taizhou in Jiangsu province dates from December 31 and shows the animal entering the restaurant, bumping into a man and knocking him down.

The injured man, who suffered leg injuries, was dragged to safety by his friend as the bull rampaged through the restaurant, overturning tables and chairs before finally fleeing.

The footage shows two men, one drinking and one on his phone, standing inside the restaurant seconds before the animal appears behind the plastic screens at the front of the building.

The huge bull directly attacks the man wearing a brightly patterned jacket who had been drinking moments before.

The animal lowers its horns and charges at it.

After he is slammed to the ground, his shocked friend rushes over and drags him to the side, away from the wild bull.

For a few seconds, the bull remains off camera, but bumps and crashes can be heard before it returns to the front of the restaurant.

With a rope dangling from his mouth after he reportedly escaped from a butcher shop moments before he was to be euthanized, the bull walks around the restaurant and gazes out the window for a few moments.

He then turns and enters an adjoining room in the restaurant where more bangs and crashes can be heard.

Tables and chairs are seen thrown around the room before the bull returns to the main section of the store.

After a few seconds looking out the door, the bull finally breaks through the plastic screens and runs away.

Moments later, the man’s friend is seen running out of the store for help and then he returns with several people who inspect the damage and assist the injured man.

The man suffered leg injuries and was taken to hospital for further treatment.

The bull’s owner also reportedly agreed to compensate him, although the fate of the animal is unknown.


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