Will Bad Bunny also take a break from his networks?  this is what we know

Will Bad Bunny also take a break from his networks? this is what we know

Bad Bunny announced a few weeks ago that this 2023 It would be a year in which he would take a break, because he needed to focus on him, on his health and enjoy his achievements; although she did not say how long he will take that break, it seems that it will be long, since his social media announce their departure.

The Instagram account of “Bad bunny” He had an important change, and that is that his almost 45 million followers can only increase if the reggaeton player allows it, since he changed his account from public to private.

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On twitter, Bad Bunny He also decided to warn all his fans that his absence is just around the corner, in his description he put “they’re going to miss me”, and the last time he tweeted was on December 31 when he wrote “And start 2023 off right bastard.

It was in the last interview he gave to the magazine bill boardwho named him “Top Artist of 2022”, which the singer said that this 2023 would be for him.

“2023 is for me, for me Physical Healthme emotional health, to breathe, and enjoy my achievements. Let’s celebrate. I have a couple of sporadic commitments, and I will go to the studio, but there is no pressure, ”she declared.

Bad Bunny said goodbye to 2022 with one last single

In the last days of December, the Puerto Rican released his latest video clip in collaboration with Nengo Flow, “Night Cat”the single accumulates 18.5 million reproductions in Youtubewhen the platform was uploaded from about two weeks ago.

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The duet with the Colombian, came out to the public after the World’s Hottest Tour closingr, ending in Mexicoin the midst of a controversy with ticket master and the cloned tickets; besides the silence of Bad Bunny in the face of the chaos experienced by the fans who did not have access to the concerts.

The controversial attitudes of the reggaetonero with his fans

The depletion of Bad Bunny Due to the success, it may be a reason for him to make the decision to temporarily retire from the stage, since his rise to stardom took place in six years, and he went from creating his songs on his computer, to signing with one of the most important record labels. important in Puerto Rico, Rhymes Entertainment.

Recently, the closeness of his followers has made the singer uncomfortable; in Tik Tok A video went viral where a young woman who approached him to take a picture received an unexpected attitude from the famous, since he took his cell phone and threw it into what seemed to be the sea.

The comments disapproving of the action of “Bad bunny” They did not wait, and his fans were divided between support and the request to cancel it for behaving rudely with a fan, but he did not care about the accusations and responded in Twitter.

“The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a phone bastard in my face I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect And I’ll treat it the same way,” wrote the reggaeton player.

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Regarding this comment, it is no longer visible in your account Twitter where it was published.

And this is not the only case, previously the singer was captured in a bar where he once again took a couple of cell phones from people who were recording him and handed them over to others who were in the crowd.

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