Will Mexico be able to pull off the miracle against Saudi Arabia?  Experts divide opinions on the possible performance of the Tri (Video)

Will Mexico be able to pull off the miracle against Saudi Arabia? Experts divide opinions on the possible performance of the Tri (Video)

Mexico is playing its pass to the second round against Saudi Arabia.

Mexico is playing its pass to the second round against Saudi Arabia.

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The Mexican National Team adds only one point out of six possible in two presentationsAs if that were not enough, he has not been able to score in either of the two matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, several analysts show confidence that those led by Gerardo Martino can reverse the situation and get a good result against the complicated Selection of Saudi Arabia.

The opinion He consulted a group of renowned experts in the field, and they gave their point of view about the crucial match between Mexico and those led by the Frenchman Hervé Renard.

Self love for the Mexico National Team

The renowned sports journalist Fernando Schwartz assured that El Tri must show self-esteem and “put on the batteries” to produce goal arrivals.he. “If he produces good goal arrivals, some have to fall and if he manages to score early, the team can regain confidence and hope dies last.”

Nevertheless, assured that a bad World Cup can be reversed tomorrow just by achieving a good result.

The TV Azteca sports journalist, Rodolfo Vargas, assured that he embraced the hope that El Tri obtains a good result. “Unfortunately I don’t know if with the combination of results it will happen, but the scenario that we all expected was to reach this third game alive and that by beating Saudi Arabia we would qualify.”

He added that it is the scenario that was expected and now we have to go out looking and hope to get the result.

TUDN’s Gibran Araige believes Mexico has a chance to beat Saudi Arabia, and stresses that given the need for the result tomorrow could be a surprise. He also considers that the eleven directed by Gerardo Martino has a better team than those technically directed by Hervé Renard.

Complicated but not impossible for those led by Gerardo Martino

For his part, Alejandro Gómez from Diario AS is not so optimistic, although he believes that Mexico will at least improve its game.. “It depends more on Poland winning tomorrow and Mexico finally scoring goals to overcome a complicated Arab team. I see it complicated but it is not impossible ”, he asserted.

For Enrique Beas of MVS Televisión, fate will be decided by the match between Argentina and Poland, his teammate Luis Castillo thinks the same who described the feat as complex, as is the Arab team.

Édgar Cauich from the LA Times believes that Mexico will prevail over its counterpart from Saudi Arabia, however he sees the classification complicated by the other result and predicts that those led by Gerardo Martino are going to lack a goal to access the round.

From AB Noticias, Carlos Rodríguez sees the feat as complicated, especially when it comes to passing the Saudi defense. “I see it as very difficult to drill through that defense and what Mexico needs are goals. I think Mexico wins tomorrow but the goal difference will not reach them to advance to the next round“, he pointed.

The hope of Luis Garcia

The legendary former forward of the Mexican National Team and now a commentator for TV Azteca, Luis García, affirmed that Mexico is risking its life against a Saudi Arabia that slipped into a party where it was not planned as a guest. “In the context of the World Cup, Mexico is better than Saudi Arabia with all respect, just as Argentina is better and made it clear,” he said.

I have hopes beyond the feelings of annoyance with the National Team that ends up winning and there are a series of combinations. I don’t think Mexico can win by four goals but we hope that they will score one or two and Argentina will score another one to access the next round”, he concluded.

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