Will Smith stands up to the rejection of his next film

Will Smith stands up to the rejection of his next film

Will Smith’s career took a turn for the worse after attending what would be his last Oscar ceremony so far. There he starred in, perhaps for some, one of the most embarrassing scenes.

Despite taking his first golden statuette, his achievement was marred by the slap he threw at the presenter Chris Rock without contemplation. And while the Hollywood star is aware of the mistake, he hopes it won’t have an impact on the team he worked with on his latest film.

This is how he manifests it, precisely when he is in the middle of the promotional campaign for “Emancipation”, a film that under normal conditions seems like material for the Oscars.

According to the Spinoff portal, the actor openly discusses what he would say to those who are not yet ready to see a new movie of his. “I completely understand if someone is not prepared. He would respect him and give him the space not to be. My biggest concern is my team. I think Antoine Fuqua has done the best job of his career. The people on the team have done some of the best work of their entire careers,” said Will Smith.

«My great hope is that my actions do not penalize the team. Right now I’m working on it. I hope that the material, the strength of the film, the timelessness of the story… I hope that how good it can be will open people’s hearts to at least see, recognize and support the incredible artists in and around this film.” , he highlighted.

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