William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez were seen together again and a possible reconciliation is rumored

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez were seen together again and a possible reconciliation is rumored


Last January, the actor William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez announced that their love relationship had come to an end after two decades together. Without a doubt, it was news with an impact, since the bond was seen to be quite strengthened. However, to date the real reason that led them to take different directions is unknown.

However, on the different platforms they have been leaking some photos where they have been seen posing together in the company of other peoplewhile the two of them always appear next to each other.

In addition, in the most recent photo that has raised doubts in hundreds of people, Levy appears placing his hand above the waist of the mother of his two childrenwhich could indicate that things between them would not be bad.

A few days ago it had also become viral a photo where both went out with other acquaintances in a vineyardwhile in the images the little ones who came to have a product of the love they felt for each other at that time are not appreciated.

Doubts about an alleged separation between the actors have become a trend again, because they have been seen together very often again, but, both have preferred to remain silent about what is happening between them to date.

How did the love between William and Elizabeth begin?

Gutiérrez and Levy were participants in a program called “Protagonistas de telenovela” in 2002, a fact that made them both fall in love immediately. Later, it was in 2006 when Christopher Alexander came into his life.

However, a year later the situation for the couple became a bit complicated, because he was involved in a series of rumors that almost destroyed his relationship with Elizabeth. It all started after they mentioned that between the Cuban and Maite Perroni there was an alleged romance after having worked on ‘Cuidado con el Ángel’, although it would not be the only thing because they also linked him with Jacky Bracamontes in 2009.

In 2011 Gutiérrez issued a statement to explain that both had decided to leave things up to that point.but, later they gave themselves a new opportunity. With the passing of time they separated again on other occasions, until on January 27 they made it public again.

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