Wilmer Ramírez returned to Venevisión with “Come Who Comes”

Wilmer Ramírez returned to Venevisión with “Come Who Comes”

The entertainer Wilmer Ramírez returned to Venevisión on November 26. He did it with the Late show “Come Who Comes”, which will be presented on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m.

«Humor, a lot of entertainment and a desire for people to have fun. Everything in a different format, although I am not inventing it, it is a format that has not been seen here at Venevisión. Our intention is that at this time and with this program people have fun,” Ramírez said in a press release.

According to the comedian, they will go after that different and little-known facet of the guests. «They can be singers, writers, comedians, chefs, among others. We are going to make them and the viewers have a fun time.

In his first program he had the participation of the singer Lion Lázaro, the comedian Ché Gaetano and the athlete Greivis Vásquez. «I kid you, we talk about anything, the least expected. We ask him about current affairs, about his life, where he comes from, where he is going, what he feels. Maybe sometimes we won’t talk about anything transcendental. The important thing is that they have fun and so do we,” said the actor who made his way in shows like “Cheverísimo.”

happy and home

According to Ramírez, having worked on TV with Guillermo González and Gilberto Correa gave him the tools to delve into animation. «From Guillermo I received advice, I saw him up close and worked with him. I was also lucky to come to Venevisión and coincide with the best presenter, the most elegant, with the greatest credibility and reliability: Gilberto Correa. And I was extremely lucky to get started in animation in ‘Sensational Saturday’ as a co-animator. So these two people, personalities, great television figures, whom I always admired, became friends along the way. And today, of course, I apply all those teachings here, with my style and my personality».

Likewise, he said that today he feels proud to have a variety space and to be in Venezuelan homes entertaining. Fact that, possibly, will lead him to settle again in Venezuela. «One is from the place where he feels happy, where they love him. From the place where you can fulfill yourself and do the things that make you feel alive. Television makes me feel alive, television in my country particularly.

The space, which hopes to make its way into prime time, is directed by Óscar Rivas Gamboa.

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