With front openings from the chest to the waist, this is how Kendall Jenner arrived at her friend’s wedding and today she defends her dress

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Last november Kendall jenner went viral once again for her wardrobe choices. Although it is true that the model always gives a lot to talk about with her clothes and has managed to create a trend, making bright minidresses fashionable again like the one she wore for her 23rd birthday party, on that occasion the attention she was receiving it was mainly negative.

The young woman had put on a daring dress Mônot black LBD with front slits from the chest to the waist, showing more than it was hinting at, for the wedding of one of her best friends, Lauren Perez. Many pointed out that it was an inappropriate outfit to go to a wedding in which she was also one of the bridesmaids with Bella Hadid.

As tradition dictates, both Kendall and Bella wore matching outfits during the ceremony, but for the after party they were able to change into whatever they wanted. Now the first of the two models has responded to a comment she encountered on Lauren’s Instagram and that he criticized her for having allegedly stolen part of the prominence from the bride on her big day.

Her friend quickly came to her defense, assuring that she thought that Kendall was spectacular and that she loved the dress she chose for the occasion, to which the aforementioned added: “@Laurenperez Obviously I also bothered to ask for your approval in advance.”

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