With sweet and sour cake, Nina Sicilia celebrates 60

With sweet and sour cake, Nina Sicilia celebrates 60

It is already customary that, at the end of a year, there are reviews of what happened during that period and of the personalities that stood out, for different reasons.

When preparing a list related to the world of entertainment, it would be necessary to include Nina Sicilia, a member of the Executive Committee of the Miss Venezuela Organization, who has remained under the informative focus, as the most visible face in the celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the laureate beauty contest.

The exqueenIn addition, he reaches his 60th birthday in front of a sweet and sour cake. Weeks after being named vice president of sales for Venevisión (according to the credit that appeared at the end of the November 16 broadcast), a fact that is unquestionably a cause for joy, her name played a leading role in the controversy generated by the jury’s disagreement with the results of the recent edition of the Creole contest.

To this is added, in addition, the rumor that, as of 2023, he will abandon his responsibilities in the Quinta Morada, to dedicate himself exclusively to his new position at the La Colina television station. Although the confirmation is missing, no one takes away the dancing from who she will forever be the first Venezuelan International Miss.

The origin

Alejandrina Sicilia Hernández was born in the Caracas home made up of Canarian immigrants Pablo and Genovesa on December 3, 1962. She has two brothers: Carlos, a journalist and humorist; and María del Carmen, teacher. She studied at El Carmelo de Las Acacias School.

Nina Sicilia began her career in beauty pageants as queen of the Hogar Canario Venezolano 1977 and Miss Hispanidad 1978. Seven years later, after obtaining her degree as an administrator at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, she defended the colors of the Monagas state in Miss Venezuela, achieving the Miss Elegance sash and the position of first runner-up.

On September 15, 1985, she was crowned Miss International, at Tsukuba’s Expo Plaza (Osaka), making history by being the first Venezuelan to win the Japanese pageant.

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