Without fear of changes Geraldine Bazán debuts spectacular look

Without fear of changes Geraldine Bazán debuts spectacular look

Geraldine Bazan

Geraldine Bazán has shown that she can reinvent herself regardless of the context or the challenges she is facing, therefore, a few weeks before the end of 2022, the Mexican decided to make a change in her hair style prior to 2023.

In a post on his Instagram profile, Gabriel Soto’s ex-partner shared his transformation. In the images you can see that she cut her hair a bit, as well as also changed it for a lighter shade.

“New hair. What do you think?” she wrote, making it clear that the transformation is “A refresh!!!”. The ‘Crown of Tears’ participant showed a series of images of her transformation.

The reactions of the followers did not wait, since a few minutes after the images were published, they were filled with many messages that approved the change. “Your look is super mega precious. I loved”said one user.

The comments were so positive that there were those who reiterated that the model also looks better than ever with this bet in which her hair looks a little curly, something that contrasts with her average look, which is straight hair.

“Wow, wow, wow, wow, you enchant with your beauty and natural beauty. You are infinitely a dazzling precious dream lady, that when I look at you I fall at your feet before your great beauty and loveliness. Have a beautiful afternoon, as beautiful as you”

“You always look beautiful”; “Precious, it looks like this on you”; “Beautiful”, “Precious”; “Always cute Geraldine”; “As pretty as always”; “Wow, you look gorgeous” and “You’re super beautiful,” they added.

On the other hand, one of the comments stood out for describing Geraldine Bazán as a sensational human being, so the compliments only focused on highlighting her beauty, but also because of the good wishes and blessings.

For this reason, one of his followers did not hesitate to comment: “All the things that come from you have always been and are the most impressive and sensational in the world and I will always love them, I will always enjoy them a lot with affection and I will always love them with all my love.

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