Work from HOME for a company in the United States with a salary of $30 per hour |  REQUIREMENTS

Work from HOME for a company in the United States with a salary of $30 per hour | REQUIREMENTS


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In a renowned companyand the United States They are hiring people who want to work from home with a comfortable schedule of just two hours a day. The vacancy offers a salary of between $25 and a maximum of $30 per hour and a part-time schedule, although time availability is required. Are you interested? If you are interested in applying for this vacancy employmentwe invite you to continue reading this article from Heraldo USA.

In the company United States Accident 911 Help offers consulting and advisory services to clients in the South Florida area. In recent days, they opened a call in which they are looking for their next collaborator, who they hope will join their marketing and public relations team in the coming days. The position they have vacant is remote marketing, so one of the many benefits you will obtain will be the ease of working from home and at your own pace, since you can choose the time that best suits you to work. Additionally, you will only cover one part-time shift (2 hours per day).

Requirements for remote employment:

One of the advantages offered by this employment remote of marketing and public relations is that you do not need to present a university degree certificate or previous work experience, however, the company urges interested workers to meet the following requirements, which include skills and knowledge.

  • Have a license of some kind
  • Writing and spelling skills
  • oral and written comunications habilities
  • Have time availability
  • Good presentation
  • Ability to generate content daily
  • Availability to attend virtual meetings and conversations
  • Be a responsible and committed person
  • Interest in creating digital content
  • Knowledge in editing, photography and social networks
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How to apply for a job vacancy in the United States?

The job offer in USA was published on the Simply Hired online portal, where you can read more information about the work, the activities to be carried out and the benefits they offer to all their employees. Click here if you want to send your application and you will automatically be directed to the page where you must register and create a personal account. If the company likes your profile and considers that you can adapt well to the position, they will contact you personally to schedule an interview. Do you meet the requirements? Apply now!

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