World Cup Qatar 2022: What markers does the Mexican team need to reach the round of 16?

World Cup Qatar 2022: What markers does the Mexican team need to reach the round of 16?

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The 2-0 defeat against Argentina greatly complicated the passage of the Mexican team to the round of 16 and many fans have already taken out the calculator to do the math on the scores that El Tri needs to be given to qualify for the next round , so here we make it easy for you and tell you what they are.

Tie-breaking criteria:

To understand why the Mexican National Team needs certain markers, it is necessary to know the criteria that FIFA designated for classification in the event that two teams end up tied on points:

First criterion: goal difference

Second criterion: Most goals scored

Third criterion: Best result in direct duel. Argentina beat Mexico, so the albiceleste would advance if it gets to this point.

Fourth criterion: Fair Play, the group with the fewest points subtracted by cards in the group stage advances, the yellow ones penalize with one point and the red ones with between 3 and 5 fewer.

Where in your group did Mexico rank?

At the close of date 2, Group C is as follows:

First place: Poland, with 4 points and a difference of +2

Second place: Argentinawith 3 points and a difference of +1

Third place: Saudi Arabiawith 3 points and a difference of -1

Fourth place: Mexico, with 1 point and a difference of -2

What score does Mexico need to go to the round of 16?

On the last date of the group stage, Mexico will face Saudi Arabia and Poland against Argentina. From the outset, the result that El Tri needs is to win, but depending on the result of the other game, which will be at the same time, the necessary markers to qualify change, here we tell you:

If Poland beats Argentina鈥

Poland and Mexico would qualify.

Mexico with a victory qualifies, regardless of the score in either of the two games. This would be the best scenario for the Aztecs.

If Poland draws with Argentina鈥

Poland and Mexico would qualify.

Mexico would have to beat Saudi Arabia by 4 goals if they want to secure the pass.

In the event that Mexico only wins by three, they would classify if the albiceleste draw without goals and Mexico win 4-1, for each goal that Argentina scores in the virtual tie, Mexico would have to score another one, that is, if in the other game there is a 1-1, El Tri would have to win 5-2 and so on.

If Poland loses to Argentina鈥

Mexico and Argentina would qualify.

In this case there are many variables, it would depend on the score, but, in short, Mexico would have to win by 4 goals to ensure qualification, or by 3 if Poland doesn鈥檛 score.

If Poland loses 1-0, Mexico would have to win by 3 goals, although if the Europeans lose, but score one goal, Mexico would have to score four, that is: if the albiceleste win 2-1, Mexico would have to win by 4 goals ; however, for every goal difference Argentina gets against Poland, El Tri could win by one less.

In such a way that if Argentina wins by two goals, Mexico鈥檚 account is reduced to winning 2-0, or 3-1 or 4-2, etc; If the South Americans win by 3 goals, 1-0 or 2-1 or 3-2 would be enough for Mexico to qualify.

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