“Wow Xolota”, the tamalito with a cause that will help conserve axolotls

“Wow Xolota”, the tamalito with a cause that will help conserve axolotls

February 2 is about to arrive and those who were lucky enough to have the little doll in the bagel will have to pay for the respective tamales.

We know that there are tamales of all flavors and colors, there are the traditional green, mole, sweet, rajas; but there are also those that are gourmet type that have some unusual stew.

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on this occasion the chef, Audry Giménez, originally from Veracruz, decided to create something more Mexican and it is the “Wow Xolota”which has the shape of an animal native to Xochimilco and is the axolotl on the new 50-peso bill.

According to the chef the “WOW! XOLOTA It is a purple tuna tamale with blueberry macerated in grana cochineal sotol on a brioche and red fruit pastry cream.

The dish expert said he was inspired by the chilanga torta de tamale called “guajolota”, accompanied by atole.

However, said dish can only be found on one date and you will have to make a reservation.

The objective of this sale is to help conserve the axolotl and only 350 pieces will be distributed.

When: February 2

Where: Museum of the Axolote that is located in Prolongación 5 de Mayo #521, 2do Parque las Águilas, Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office

Schedule: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cost: $50 pesos (access to the museum)

Why are tamales eaten on February 2?

The fact that it is tamales and not any other dish that we eat February 2 has to do with the method of evangelism that the missionaries used over and over again to convert the native peoples: that of uniting its pagan celebrations with the Christian ones.

And it is that the Mexicas used to have a great party right at the beginning of February, on what was the first day of their calendar.

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In honor of Tláloc, Quetzalcóatl and Chalchiuhtlicue, our ancestors organized a feast where they prepared, offered and ate tamales..

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