Wuthering Waves is out. Is this the “Genshin Killer” everyone was waiting for?

Wuthering Waves is out. Is this the “Genshin Killer” everyone was waiting for?

We recently told you all about Wuthering Waves, the new open world RPG from Kuro Games which caught the public’s attention because it seems that it could become the new great competition for Genshin Impact, which has been dominating this genre for years. After much anticipation, this new title was released on May 22nd and has already begun to receive its first reviews, so many people are wondering if it has the potential to become the true rival of the successful game of HoYoverse.

The first reviews of Wuthering Waves are here!

Wuthering Waves #1 Gameplay ImageWuthering Waves #1 Gameplay Image

First impressions of Wuthering Waves have been quite divisive. On the one hand, many people are happy to finally have another open-world action RPG that feels very different from Genshin Impact. After all, Kuro Games’ title features a post-apocalyptic world with science fiction elements, allowing its characters and combat system to be quite distinctive. We can find some people They are already naming him as the new one “Genshin Killer” either “Genshin Impact Killer” which means that it is so good that it has the potential to compete and even completely overshadow the popular HoYoverse title.

The dynamic, fast and addictive combat is the aspect of Wuthering Waves that is receiving the most praise, although its original character designs (especially its cast of beautiful “waifus”) are also highly appreciated by the community. However, the rest of the experience has left people who have had the opportunity to try it somewhat dissatisfied. For example: The story, as interesting as it is, is somewhat confusing for many, as it is full of incomprehensible jargon. And the characters’ disappointing English voice acting doesn’t help this narrative.

Wuthering Waves #2 Gameplay ImageWuthering Waves #2 Gameplay Image

But the biggest problem that Wuthering Waves has been heavily criticized for all over the internet is its terrible performance and numerous bugs & glitches, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Kuro Games is already working on fixing them as quickly as they can. As they have highlighted some people, Genshin Impact also had several graphical issues when it was initially released, so we have to be fair and try to view Wuthering Waves in that light. After all, this is still a free video game that will be constantly updated over the years.

It seems that Wuthering Waves could easily be the “Genshin Killer” that many expected (Thanks to its solid combat system, interesting characters and intriguing story) but it has many flaws that are holding it back from reaching its true potential. Everything will depend on the expansions, updates and characters that Kuro Games will add to the game in the coming months. At the end of the day, trying to establish a fierce competition between Wuthering Waves and Genshin Impact is unnecessary, since, if both video games are good, the ones who win are the players. You can try this new title on your own and draw your own conclusions.

Wuthering Waves Official ArtWuthering Waves Official Art


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