Xavi Hernández exploded against the refereeing of yesterday’s classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid – La Opinion

Xavi Hernández exploded against the refereeing of yesterday’s classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid – La Opinion

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The Barcelona Football Club was defeated 3 goals to 2 against Real Madrid on matchday number 32 of LaLiga, in a duel that took place in the facilities of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, a new quite heavy defeat for the Catalan club that recently also had to say goodbye to the Champions League against Paris Saint Germain in the quarterfinal stage.

Xavi Hernández, current coach of the Blaugrana entity, valued the defeat of the Catalan team and he had quite strong words, especially against the arbitration shortlist of the confrontation. Although Hernández assumes that the defeat against Madrid was quite painful, especially when Barcelona was ahead on the scoreboard on a couple of occasions, it distanced him more and more from the fight for the championship and he charged against the referees of the match and their decisions.

The coach was completely honest

“I’m very disappointed. If we want it to be said that it is the best league in the world…. Everyone has seen that the ball has gone in. Everything has fallen on us. From Getafe, at the beginning of the season, I already warned that I didn’t like what I saw. “Today is the accumulation of nonsense.”

“I’m proud of the team. I think we have been better and competed better. We played very well, we generated more and we defended well. We have controlled the game. We have deserved the victory. We miss points for situations that we do not control, such as a transition. It’s a shame. We deserved more. From Getafe, at the beginning of the season, I already warned that I didn’t like what I saw.”

Frustration becomes more and more present

“Everyone has seen it, and they can sanction me. It’s my picture. I just want to talk about the game. Victory has escaped us due to details, it happens to us because we are under construction. We have to be proud of the game.”

Although Barcelona was playing a good game from the middle of the field onwardsthe defensive line had a rather poor performance and small details ended up being the big differences in each goal-scoring action in favor of the merengue team.

“They are two specific situations, beyond the penalty, because in defense we have been very good. “We make a mistake in the area and then we don’t stop a transition.”

For the Barcelona Football Club coach, referee decisions They were again and made a difference in the opinion of Xavi Hernández.

“I said yesterday that I wish it went unnoticed and was right. Neither of the two. You have to think about second place. I have a feeling of contradiction. The normal thing is to win with this match that we have played, but there are our and refereeing situations that we cannot control…”

“My feeling is of maximum injustice. I can’t fool anyone, and less to the fans. It is evident, everyone has said it.”

LaLiga very complicated for Barcelona

The future looks practically decided for the LaLiga championship with a Real Madrid that leads the Catalan club by 11 points, but Hernández and his players remain focused on raising the greatest number of units in the remaining 6 dates of the championship.

“This is not the time for that. We have to digest the defeat and think about the game against Valencia. There are six games left, we have work ahead of us. The League title is very difficult. The objective is to play the Super Cup next year, there are always objectives. The goal is to play in the Super Cup next year.”

One of the best players for Barcelona in the defeat against Real Madrid was the young gem Lamine Yamalwho at only 16 years of age continues to be the differential reference in the culé club that has even been compared to the former star of the Catalan entity, Lionel Messi.

“Without any intention of comparing with Messi, we are looking at a very differentiating player. In one on one it is difficult to stop and attracts two or three players. It is a tremendous irruption. There is a present and a future in the club.”

Technology necessary for the Spanish championship

“If we want to be the best league in the world we have to use technology”concluded Hernández in reference to a goal that was not validated by the VAR in which Lamine Yamal himself was seen as the protagonist after a corner kick in favor of Barcelona that the young player managed to place inside the area and finally it was not validated.

But something that was quite applaudable was the fact that Hernández He gave all the credit and merit to Real Madrid for the recent victory and for the way they have been playing in the 2024 season.

“LaLiga is 38 games, and at the end we have to congratulate him. He has only lost one game. They have almost sentenced LaLiga. It’s very difficult for us. But today my feeling is of maximum injustice.”

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