Yailin La Más Viral’s mother generates controversy by announcing that she will host a radio program – El Diario NY

Yailin La Más Viral’s mother generates controversy by announcing that she will host a radio program – El Diario NY

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Wanda Díaz, mother of Yailin The Most Viralhas shown that she likes the artistic world as much as her famous daughter and that is why she has now taken on a more leading role in the media, since this week she made her debut as a host on a radio program in the Dominican Republic.

The space in which the famous woman’s mother is now is ‘Directo al Show’ and, because she has not studied a career related to communication, she has received several criticisms from people, who consider it necessary to prepare for speak in front of a microphone.

In the show they explained that they wanted to give Mrs. Wanda the opportunity to improve her skills in a radio booth.

Wilson Sued, host of the program, defined the woman as a selfless mother who has overcome several obstacles to grow. She “she is a mother, selfless, Dominican, who comes like us, most of you, from below, with virtues and defects, as we all have.”

Yailin La Más Viral’s mother is now a presenter

Then he indicated: “And on this occasion we give ourselves the opportunity to try to help her learn and get involved in the business that suits her quite well and that she likes. She is with us, from today, and hopefully for a long time, Wanda Díaz.”

The lady indicated that she was happy about this challenge, because she assured that it was going to “break her,” implying that she will strive to have a good role in the entertainment program.

Shortly after, they made her take an oath in which they asked her that when she was a great presenter and they offered her to go somewhere else, she was not going to betray the platform that allowed her to be on a radio show for the first time.

But, although for many it was good that she took this risk in order to improve herself, there were those who left harsh criticism of Yailin La Más Viral’s mother.

Some that were read on the networks were: “So many prepared young people needing an opportunity in the media”, “Where did you study broadcasting? You don’t know what else to do to get attention”, “It seems like an insult to the people who burned their eyelashes to study Social Communication”.

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