Yamilet Peña and Yoridan Martínez are the winners of the United States Exatlón

Yamilet Peña and Yoridan Martínez are the winners of the United States Exatlón

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The Dominican athlete Yamilet Peña and the Cuban Yoridan Martínez rose as the winners of the seventh edition of the Exatlón United States during the night of this Monday, January 16, and in addition to the title, they were recognized with a trophy and $200,000 dollars each.

Caterine Ibargüen, Colombian Olympic medalist, and boxer Jeyvier Cintrón were the runners-up of this All-Stars edition.

Throughout the competition, the athletes put their physical and mental abilities to the test, since they not only had to overcome the great tests in the arena, but to keep themselves isolated from the outside world while they competed day to day in these challenging terrains.

Peña participated in the fourth season of Exatlón Estados Unidos and was close to reaching the final, while Martínez is the first man from the Blue Team to become champion in this contest.

In social networks there was no lack of reactions from viewers, who enjoyed this reality show through the Telemundo screens and under the leadership of Frederik Oldenburg.

“Very well deserved for both of us. Thank you Exatlón for giving us so much joy. This season was more exciting than ever.” “Congratulations to both of you. They deserved it. I am very happy for them” and “Both deserved to win, my favourites. God bless you and may you continue to be successful.” were some of the messages left to the winners in a publication made by Telemundo Realities.

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