Yanet Garcia turns her back to the camera while shaking her rear with tiny lingerie

Yanet Garcia turns her back to the camera while shaking her rear with tiny lingerie

Yanet García.

Yanet García.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency


Yanet Garcia She is ending 2022 with resounding success, as she has not only managed to stand out as a television presenter, but also continues to steal the hearts of millions of fans who admire her beauty through social networks and exclusive content platforms such as OnlyFans, at the same time. who joined a few months ago.

And it was precisely with one of the most recent videos that he shared on Instagram, where he managed to paralyze the hearts of thousands of users who not only admired his imposing curves, but also reacted with hot compliments.

On this occasion, the ex-driver of the climate section within the ‘Hoy’ program drove those who saw her modeling crazy a sexy fringed lingerie set, in which she flapped her hips while turning her back to the camera.

The series of hot videos that began several months ago has already become a continuous practice that is appreciated by its most demanding fans, as they show daring angles of its anatomy that has resulted in conquering the hearts of nearly 14 and a half million followers.

For example, there is the brief recording in which she appeared modeling a lingerie garment that was made with thin strips that wrapped the curves of the 31-year-old Mexican model, and with which she managed to raise the temperature.

As expected, the recording of just under 10 seconds captivated a large number of Internet users and became one of the most successful publications for the Monterrey, as it also generated more than 3 million views.

Luckily for her fans, this was not the only time she showed off her shapely silhouette in front of the camera while wearing this daring set of garments, because days before she also showed off during a walk by the pool, where she stripped off a robe. To show herself as a professional model and of course, leave more than one breathless.

While with a postcard Yanet Garcia He was confirmed as one of the favorite celebrities on Instagram, because in it he exposed his turned rearguard.

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