Yoimiya from Genshin Impact debuts incredible H figure

Yoimiya from Genshin Impact debuts incredible H figure

Yoimiya from the video game Genshin Impact She knew how to become one of the fan favorites, and that is that she is the perfect combination of joy and beauty, with a personality as explosive as the same fireworks that she loves so much, which are usually seen represented in her attacks within the game, and is that now part of that explosiveness was reflected in a new figure that, in the best H style, does not show how Yoimiya He can also have an adult side, with his ability with the bow taken to unusual places and that will leave more than one with their mouths open.

Yoimiya heats up the atmosphere with this new H figure from Genshin Impact

Yoimiya From Genshin Impact Debuts Incredible H Figure

This new figure of Yoimiya from the video game Genshin Impact surprised fans of the video game, not only for recreating one of the girls most loved by the same community, but as we can see, this product goes further, being a representation that at best H-style teaches us all the treasury of Yoimiyaleaving very little to the imagination in a collector’s item that in turn is made with the highest quality, present in its finish, together with a palette of warm colors that go so well with the very essence of Yoimiya.

And it is that for those who know the character of Genshin Impactthey know that this is characterized by being dressed in a short red kimono and different accessories, and that the figure gets rid of this main garment to leave it mostly dressed only with the iconic bandages that it has on various parts of the body, and it is that this figure has so few parts of clothing that these bandages only cover the key areas of Yoimiya in a way that we can even see further if a little attention is paid to the product.

But without a doubt, what steals the attention of all those who see the figure is that it has a H-versionthat is to say that in the best style of this genre, Yoimiya allows us to see in all their splendor these areas that we previously mentioned, and it is that the pose in which the figure is found, added to this style, make the character of Genshin Impact do not save anything when using your leg as a bow, while tensing it, thus completing a position that seems uncomfortable, but due to the details of the face of Yoimiya seems to be enjoying it.


the figure of Yoimiya was developed by the studio Starry Sky Studiocurrently available in pre-sale mode through the page OrzGKin several models, the version A It features a round base in 1/7 scale by $173 dollars approximately, the B-version which stands on a Tatami base in 1/7 scale for about $206 dollars and the version C which also has the Tatami base, but is made on a scale of 1/4 by $310 dollars approximately. The figure has an estimated date launch, for the second quarter of 2024 (April June).

Genshin Impact For its part, it has just launched its most current version, 4.0, which is one of the most important in the title for introducing the region of Fontaine with all that this entails: new scenarios fully explorable aquatics thanks to new diving mechanics, expanded story that leads us to know a little more how to live in this area, new enemies With new rewards and what players most expect, the new characters that were announced, from those that are currently only found to contribute to the story, to those that are already playable, as in the case of Lyney and Lynetteavailable from the release of the update of Genshin Impact.

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