Yolanda Andrade says that Laura Zapata had affairs with two famous women and the actress reacts – El Diario NY

Yolanda Andrade says that Laura Zapata had affairs with two famous women and the actress reacts – El Diario NY

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The host Yolanda criticized Laura Zapata for talking about an alleged relationship between Nicandro Díaz and his sister Thalía after her death, stating that it was a lack of respect towards the producer’s family. Additionally, Andrade suggested that the actress could have ulterior motives for talking about this alleged link, as she could be trying to divert attention from her own romances.

“What can you expect from a woman like you with that comment, in such a sad moment, from a person who gave you work, from a being so loved by the company and all your colleagues, and you take out your poison when you can? I once asked you to drink your resignation tea and sit down and watch your sister’s successes. Listen to me, it suits you“He said in front of the press.

“I already remembered one detail, well it was a detail, that of Laura. “I remember a romance, well you had two: one with an actress, she was your partner in those novels you did, and another with a singer,” he stated.

This new confrontation between Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapata has revealed some details about the actress’s love life, as well as the relationship between both personalities in the Mexican entertainment industry.

“This lady says very unpleasant things. She should find peace. When I got sick, did you say I deserved it? It’s sad that someone tells another person that their mother didn’t love them. I think she carries a lot of hatred and envy in her heart.”expressed Yolanda.

Laura Zapata responds bluntly

Actress Laura Zapata recently held a meeting with the press and they asked her if it was really true that she had romantic relationships with two other people of the same sex in the past.

At the same time, he did not seem to like the response they gave him. Therefore, he rudely answered: Who cares?”.

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