Young parents name their newborn son after Ichigo D. Yeager Guts Kenpachi Cruz

Young parents name their newborn son after Ichigo D. Yeager Guts Kenpachi Cruz


A great event went viral on social networks where some parents proudly shared together the celebration of their newborn son and as anime/manga fans, they decided to name him after Ichigo D. Yeager Guts Kenpachi Cruz. This great event automatically caught the attention of the anime fan community, who were as impressed as they were shocked.

Parents Of Ichigo D Yeager

ichigo d yeager

This peculiar name is obviously inspired by different popular works among Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin and Berserk. Predictably, this major celebration and baby name announcement has generated a flurry of awe-inspiring reactions and congratulations to the proud parents who brought a life into the world.

Here are some comments regarding the proud parents:

  • Wow this is epic to believe
  • Congratulations on the child, but it’s amazing that they gave him that name hahaha
  • I am amazed how the parents came up with and named the child with that name, but even so he deserves my congratulations
  • I remember reading years ago that when Gen Z became parents, we would see that their children could have fictional character names, and here we are in the middle of it.
  • I think many teachers will be surprised at the name they have to read it on the list.
  • People have been giving their children biblical names for centuries, so you might as well keep the fictitious names up to date, by the way CONGRATULATIONS!

It should be noted that some think that the choice of this name by the parents could cause problems in the future due to its highly unusual peculiarity inspired by anime / manga works and fictional characters that many of us know.


It should be noted that all this originated through TikTok thanks to his father who is very happy, where he dared to share a video of his little son Ichigo D. Yeager Guts Kenpachi Cruz expressing that the child will become a “legend”.

@alexcruzmanga Replying to @yeh.whatever0 better than made in Ohio, made in Florida. my son will become a legend #sleeve #peak #anime ♬ Bleach (2004) – Invasion – Geek Music

In conclusion, it is an extremely incredible event and more because of its great peculiar name combined from different popular works, but something quite joyful for parents. Anyway, there is nothing more than to congratulate the couple on the birth of their son and we hope that the name of the little boy is not a big problem in the future.


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