Zenless Zone Zero and his attractive Ellen Joe star in this captivating figure

Zenless Zone Zero and his attractive Ellen Joe star in this captivating figure

Not long until the official launch of Zenless Zone Zero and fans from all over the planet are looking forward to it this year. While we are still waiting for its release, a new and fabulous collector’s figure of a very peculiar character from Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): Ellen Joea playable ZZZ agent who wears a simple but detailed maid outfit and is a member of the Victoria Housekeeping faction, now recreated in this wonderful figure

The impressive figure of Ellen Joe by Zenless Zone Zero

Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 1Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 1
Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 3Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 3

In this fantastic piece you can see Ellen Joe in detail while he stands in a relaxed and elegant posture, but which, with his defiant gaze, denotes firmness and confidence that he can leave any of his adversaries humiliated. He greatly highlights the level of detail with which Net Studio He works on his designs and manages to characterize the character perfectly, giving meaning to his emotions reflected according to the postures and behaviors that also generate the sensation of movement outside of his static state.

Her maid outfit perfectly balances the style and character that this agent usually demonstrates on the battlefield. Black and white, her short dress and jagged-edged apron not only highlight the curvatures of her slender and attractive body, but also emphasize the determined and intimidating personality of this shark girl. Long, dark stockings that cover the entirety of her thigh, very elegant black shoes and a white maid bow with metallic details of shark teeth on the edges of it.

Something that is often seen when designing these anime-style characters is the appearance in resemblance to some animal, object or being that gives them a very marked or distinctive personality. And, in fact, they usually add non-human parts such as horns, claws or cannons, and in this case, we can see that Ellen A fish limb protrudes from him that is nothing more than a large portion of a black shark that gives him an intricate and, at the same time, simple semi-human condition.

Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 2Ellen Joe From Zenless Zone Zero 2

For those fans interested in acquiring this brilliant collector’s item, there are stores specialized in the marketing and distribution of this type of products, OrzGK added a publication of the figure in question without an estimated release date, but which can now be reserved. The cost for the reservation is about $57 US dollars, while the total cost is $170 dollars. This product is made from combined polyurethane and resin that should offer sufficient quality resistance, flexibility and durability. It is made at a 1/7 scale and has a size of 24.5 cm plus a base that adds 1.5 cm more height.

Zenless Zone Zero is a multiplatform action and fantasy video game that is in development by HoYoverse. In this universe, modern civilization has been destroyed by a calamity known as the Cavities, these phenomena appear out of nowhere and create spatial anomalies filled with monsters called “ethereal beings.”.

In the midst of this overwhelming catastrophe, New Eridu, the last metropolis to survive the apocalypse, slowly became the beacon of hope for human civilization, using all the technology and resources at its disposal to fight the Cavities. While in New Eridu, you will play a proxy, a professional who specializes in exploring the dangerous Cavities and who guides those who wish to venture inside, regardless of their reasons. You will embark on an adventure with unique characters to explore these areas, fight formidable enemies, complete missions and discover the mysteries hidden in the city.

Warm Up Necessary Zenless Zone Z 1Warm Up Necessary Zenless Zone Z 1

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