Zuria Vega reveals what she feels when she sees Alberto Guerra with Madonna – El Diario NY

Zuria Vega reveals what she feels when she sees Alberto Guerra with Madonna – El Diario NY

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After Alberto Guerra posed on the cover of Vogue with Madonna and he was invited to go on stage at one of the singer’s concerts in Mexico City, Zuria Vega She revealed what she feels when she sees her husband with a music legend.

In a meeting with the press, the actress said that she feels extremely proud to have witnessed such a special moment, professionally speaking, that her partner and He denied feeling jealous.as has been rumored on social networks.

“Don’t make it up, who is going to be jealous of Madonna? Well, I don’t know, even the question makes me laugh. It gives me happiness and a lot of pleasure. Obviously, we are always the first to know what is going to be done professionally and personally. I was very excited for people to see it, to go to the concert. “Madonna, beyond being a musical icon, has been a social and cultural icon.”

“I am very happy, as I told him, and I think that beyond what is seen, it is an experience for him that he should treasure with great gratitude,” said Zuria.

Finally, the actress recalled the evening that she and her husband shared with the “Queen of Pop” in a private club in Mexico City after the singer’s success in the five concerts she offered at the Palacio de los Deportes. .

Celebrities who were invited to Madonna’s concerts in CDMX

In each of the concerts that Madonna gave in Mexico City as part of her The Celebration Tour, the performer brought a different celebrity on stage to accompany her in each of her five presentations.

As part of the first show that the singer offered, she was accompanied by Guillermo Rodriguezknown for appearing in the sketches of the program “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, for the second concert his guest was the Cuban actor Alberto Guerrathe third guest was Wendy Guevaraduring Madonna’s fourth performance in the capital, was the well-known New York drag queen, Pixie Adventureand to close her presentations in CDMX with a flourish, one of the big surprises was the appearance of the actress Salma Hayekwho also captivated the public by appearing dressed as Frida Khalo.

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