Abandoned tenderloin at San Francisco airport finds new home with a pilot

Abandoned tenderloin at San Francisco airport finds new home with a pilot

Although it is said that the dog is man’s best friend, the abandonment of loins is still common, as it happened with a furry whose family left him behind at the San Francisco airport.

The story of Polaristhe abandoned dog, became known thanks to the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty (SF SPCA).

According to the NGO, the tenderloin arrived at San Francisco International Airport on a trip from abroad; however, the person he was accompanying decided to continue without him.

“From the moment Polaris landed in our care, everything the United Airlines team at the San Francisco airport took care of him until permission was obtained for him to remain safely in the United States,” said vincent passafiumeDirector of Customer Service for the airline.

And the care that United gave Polaris not only remained to protect it after being abandoned, but also one of the captains of the company decided to adopt him with his family.

As recounted by SF SPCA, Captain William Dale and his family decided to integrate Polaris into their homeso United even held a small adoption ceremony on December 15.

“United Customer Service took on a huge challenge to make sure Polaris was safe and sound and find her a loving home,” he said. Lisa Federin charge of Rescue and Welfare of the SF SPCA.

In addition to getting Polaris a new home, United Airlines made a $5,000 donation so the SF SPCA can continue to help other animals abandoned who are sick or hurt.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 70 percent of dogs worldwide are homeless, which represents around 500 million loins.

Due to this situation, in many countries, the penalties for people who abandon their pets have begun to become tougher, in addition to the fact that for years civil organizations have sought to promote responsible ownership to prevent the unwanted reproduction of their pets from increasing the number of animals in street situation.

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