Actors from “La Familia Peluche” say goodbye to Juan Verduzco, “Don Camerino” in the serial – El Diario NY

Actors from “La Familia Peluche” say goodbye to Juan Verduzco, “Don Camerino” in the serial – El Diario NY

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Mexican media confirmed the death of the actor yesterday afternoon Juan Verduzco, who in recent years conquered the small screen as “Don Camerino”, iconic character from the comic series “La Familia P.luche”. His departure undoubtedly shocked social networks. And the actors of the serial did not hesitate to use their platforms to say goodbye to Verduzco.

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Eugenio Derbez published a video with scenes from the programin these he appears sharing with the first actor. The video came out along with the phrase: “What a great pride to meet Juan on stage. Half of Ciudad Peluche is left without “Don Camerino” today. Rest in peace!”. Consuelo Duval for his part wrote: “God bless him,” along with several images of the renowned actor.

The actor, before being part of this production, was also recognized for being part of great soap operas on the Televisa network, among which we can highlight “The rich also cry” from 1979, he also participated in several more such as “Rosa Salvaje” , “Poor Rich Girl”, “Bridal Veil”, “Iron Soul”, “The Most Beautiful Ugly”, “María José”, “My Adorable Curse” and “The Double Life of Estela Carrillo”.

Surprising statements by Eugenio Derbez, he assures that no one wanted to work with him, in projects that were not comedy

His last work in soap operas was in the production “Te dio la vida”, from 2020.

Other actors from “La Familia P.luche” who reacted to his departure were Bárbara Torres, who gave life to “Excelsa”. The Argentine said goodbye to her partner with these words: “It was an honor to have worked with you. Thank you for all the laughs you gave us. Rest in peace Juan.”

As highlighted by Meznivel, the actor Luis Manuel Ávila, “Junior” also reacted saying: “Sad news to learn of the death of the beloved Juan Verduzco, the first actor with a great career on multiple stages. We will remember him with a smile as our ‘Don Camerino’. I hug his family.”

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