Adamari López confesses which ex-boyfriends HE KEPT financially to earn more MONEY

Adamari López confesses which ex-boyfriends HE KEPT financially to earn more MONEY



They say that life is always responsible for giving second chances to people who really deserve it, and that is the case of the actress Adamari López, who despite all the suffering he has had in his life today is one of the great references of the TV and the social networks, Well, trying to open a little more what has been your Personal life, The star is not afraid to boast that at some point she has been the source of income in her house and these were the couples to which she maintained.

The love history of the former Telemundo star has been quite long and attractive, since within it are the names of some famous people of the stature of Luis Fonsi, Marco Antonio Regil and even her daughter’s father, the Spanish choreographer, Toni Costa, but by chance their relationship ended after 11 years together, and although the issues have not been fully revealed, several conclusions have been drawn, and one of them could have been the economic issue.

And with more than 20 years of artistic career as an actress, host and presenter, according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, same one that is in charge of revealing the fortunes of the famous, that of the one born in Puerto Rico is around five million dollars, the result of his work and talent; That has given him the opportunity to have a well-established life full of luxuries in one of the centers of the world: Miami Florida.

What is a fact is that not even his disease of cancer, the end of his marriage with Luis Fonsi, Much less have her motherhood made the Latin American star succeed and continue earning, since it has never happened and proof of this is the way in which she has resumed her career after her mysterious departure from Telemundoand do it directly with the television station’s competition, Univision.

Which ex-partners has Adamari López supported?

It was through the launch of the program, Unequal, from the aforementioned network of Hispanic origin where each panelist has addressed topics ranging from motherhood to the relationship with themselves and with their couples, and what surprised everyone is that Adamari Lopez was given as an example when it was said that many times women were the main source of income economically to their homes.

The talk began when they addressed the myth that men are the ones who should have the household support, since they are the ones who carry the role of maintaining the couple and the children of the family, but the actress also began by saying that the relations They must be founded, above all material things, on love.

“I think that women were raised as ‘find that provider’, we were raised in my time, I’m going to be 53 years old, my mother told me ‘find yourself a doctor, a lawyer, someone who can support you’,” thinking that the woman was the position she wanted to have”, however, she has earned things on her own.

And it is that the real bomb exploded when she said that there were some relationships in the past in which she was the one who contributed much more economic income to her romantic relationships, and although she did not want to name names, she is not afraid to assure that at the time enjoyed help those who were your ‘lifemates’:

“It wasn’t just one relationship. I’m not talking about a single person, I’ve been a girlfriend, I’ve had several relationships, I’ve been married, I’ve been together, I’ve been dating, so I’m not talking about a specific person, I’m talking about experiences that I’ve had. during my 53 years,” he clarified.


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