Adamari López reveals all the problems he had with Toni Costa’s mother, was it the cause of their separation?

Adamari López reveals all the problems he had with Toni Costa’s mother, was it the cause of their separation?


One of the most popular couples from several years ago was the one made up of Adamari López and Toni Costawho were together for 10 years and started a family with their daughter Alaïabut everything came to an end in 2021, although both have given very few details about the reason for their separation and only on some occasions have they revealed some details that made them make this decision.

Some of the details they released are that the relationship began to wear out since her little daughter was born in 2015 and there was no way to solve it, although there were also many rumors around her such as an alleged infidelity from the Spanish.

Although some years have passed since the controversial breakup, the ex-couple continues to maintain a good relationship for the sake of their daughter in order to grow up with their love, but recently the actress announced that she had problems with dancer’s mother while they were together.

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What were the differences between Adamari López and her ex-mother-in-law

The actress revealed through her YouTube program “Ada y Chiqui Show” some details about What was his relationship with Toni’s mother like? Carmen, taking advantage of the fact that the chapter would be dedicated to talking about mothers-in-law, so she decided to speak very honestly.

“After the previous relationship I had with my ex-husband’s mother, who was so pretty and so permissive, there were things that I wanted to set as a limit for the next person who came, both for my partner and for the mother-in-law. And in that aspect I could tell you that maybe some pay for others. And I, with respect, say what I feel and want to say openly,” he said.

And the host of “Who Will Fall” assured that she had to put some boundaries with her then mother-in-law for some problems, since for some time she kept quiet about things even though she didn’t like it and although she assures that Carmen perhaps did it with the best intentions, she didn’t think that she was getting involved in other people’s affairs.

“Yes, for example, Carmen wanted to come and express an idea at my house. Sometimes she would remain silent, but if it was something that I definitely didn’t like, she would say ‘that’s it.’ Sometimes, maybe, I know that at some point I must have even asked her.” made her feel bad by telling her something that I know she had the best intentions, but at the same time she was getting into the relationship,” he added.

Likewise, Adamari revealed that he answered her when she said something that she didn’t like: “I think that Carmen sometimes spoke or said things that I didn’t necessarily like and I also answered her in some way that maybe she didn’t like it either.” .

Finally he said that his relationship with her is good despite the separation with Toni: “Carmen is a noble woman who loves her children deeply and tries to protect them a lot and is a person who is present in the relationship in my home because she “She is still the girl’s grandmother and we still have a lot of communication.”


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