Alfredo Adame: How much money did you earn per month under an exclusivity contract?

Alfredo Adame: How much money did you earn per month under an exclusivity contract?


One of the most popular, but at the same time, most controversial figures on Hispanic television is Alfredo Adame, who is always giving something to talk about for everything he thinks or does in his environment or in programs he is in, as well as for his latest participation in “The House of the Famous Telemundo“, but also because he was considered one of the most important actors for several decades.

Without a doubt, it was one of the most big stars on Televisa, mainly in the 90s when his career took off and he participated in various soap operas, as well as television programs and little by little he managed to establish himself among the greats, becoming an icon.

It should be noted that he has one of the most notable artistic careers with soap operas such as “Agujetas de color de rosa” and “Quinceañera” to name a few, but he has also been full of controversiesmainly when it comes to his private life or even things he has to say about others.

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This is the millionaire amount he earned on Televisa

The actor revealed more about his career on the ‘Gusgri’ podcast where he revealed more about the exclusiveness that I used to have on Televisa and how much money It was what they paid him for this, since he worked in said company for around 30 years. It all started when Emilio Azcárraga offered him five times the salary he received as a pilot at Aeroméxico.

In 1994, his exclusivity contract was for more than 700,000 pesos per month and with this he could not work in any other company or television station, in addition to this amount he also earned another enormous amount of thousands of pesos when he participated in soap operas, that is, he earned millions per month.

“I was in the golden age of television and soap operas… It was one of the highest levels of exclusivity; It was a fortune, yes, 700 thousand pesos a month and, in addition, I charged 300 or 400 thousand more from the producer for the novel,” he indicated.

The driver also announced that within the exclusivity contracts There were three other famous personalities in front of him, that is to say, they earned much more than him on the San Ángel television station and these were Verónica Castro Lucía Méndez and Humberto Zurita.

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