Amara ‘La Negra’ talks about her past: “I cleaned houses with my mother” – El Diario NY

Amara ‘La Negra’ talks about her past: “I cleaned houses with my mother” – El Diario NY

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Diana Danelys De Los Santos, better known in the entertainment world as Amara ‘La Negra’, recently met with Alejandro Chabán and spoke to him about her past: “I was homeless. I was in a relationship with someone I loved very much. He was my manager at the time.. My mother lost her house and ended up living with us and one day she disrespected my mother.”

“This time I couldn’t stand it anymore because he put his fingers in her face and spoke very badly to her, and my mother, who is very proud, took her little things, put them in a garbage bag and took them and left. She ended up sleeping on the benches in front of Walmar. I end up sleeping in my car. “I slept in my car for three months,” He added in the podcast that the Venezuelan has.

Furthermore, he found himself in a very serious economic situation: “I never managed my money”. However, she thanked Enrique Santos for including her in his program ‘El Palenque’. At the same time, she is going through one of the best stages because she now has properties: “I have a real estate empire. Glory to God”.

Regarding her work situation, the singer and actress commented that: “My mom and I sold flowers on the street. I cleaned houses with my mother and I’m not afraid of work. Because she didn’t have documents, they humiliated her a lot, they made her work and they didn’t pay her.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that skin color influenced more than was believed: “The life of a black person is lived differently in this world. I remember how many humiliations they did to my mother, Not only because of her color, which they called her ‘cute’ over there. “I am going to work so hard so that no one ever humiliates you again.”

The television presenter did not want to end the interview without first saying that she wants a life partner: “One can be intimidating, but I am a loving person. I have been practicing celibacy for almost two years. It’s not that I don’t have someone, I have many people who would do me the favor. I’m waiting for my Prince Charming to arrive“.

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