Angélica Vale exudes sensuality in a tight red dress after losing 20 kilos |  PHOTOS

Angélica Vale exudes sensuality in a tight red dress after losing 20 kilos | PHOTOS


The talented actress, Angelica Vale She exuded sensuality during her time on the magenta carpet at the Lo Nuestro awards in Miami. The Mexican television star showed up to the event with a tight dress with patterns in red and silver colors with a strapless cut and to complete the look she used a cherry-colored cape that highlighted the features of her face in a spectacular way.

On social networks, the actress received positive comments, in the publication she made on her personal Instagram profile you can read: “beautiful”, “more beautiful every day”, “without a doubt the best dressed”. It was the designer of the dress that Angélica wore, David Salomón, who took the opportunity to compliment her dear friend: “MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER!!! Doing dumbbells with you always leaves the best taste in your mouth, but tonight…you shone like never before!

Angelica She was one of the guest hosts during the broadcast of the Lo Nuestro awards, which are responsible for honoring the most important figures of Latin entertainment in the United States. The talented artist hosted the event accompanied by Galilea Montijo and Clarissa Molina. Angélica Vale is one of the Mexican entertainment figures most loved by the public in the United States.


Angélica Vale’s weight loss process

Angelica Vale She was always sincere when talking about the overweight condition that she experienced, it was in recent days that she declared that she attended with a doctor who “was right” when she detected that OK She suffered from a hormonal problem that arose after she became a mother. The comedian shared that after detecting the health problem that caused her to be overweight, with the help of her doctor they were able to take measures and timely treatment so that her weight loss process could begin.


So far, the artist has lost around 44 pounds of weight and it is known that the process she has gone through to achieve this includes a series of exercise routines and a diet that is not really very restrictive. Regarding the result she has obtained by losing weight, Angelica He claimed to feel happy and healthy. His followers have applauded the notable change with which Angelica It looks spectacular.

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