Angélica Vale shows off her great body in a blue dress and shows off her steel abdomen |  PHOTOS

Angélica Vale shows off her great body in a blue dress and shows off her steel abdomen | PHOTOS


One of the stars who has surprised the most with his radical change is Angelica Valewho never ceases to impress us with her enormous beauty and talent and now that she has become an example to follow to seek our well-being and take care of your healthas well as having an exercise routine, an adequate diet and a lot of discipline to be able to achieve our goals and look better than ever.

The star became a new person in terms of her image, because for many years she was working to combat being overweight, but it was until she hit the nail on the head, after knowing that the origin was due to hormonal problemsso he was finally able to obtain positive results.

Despite this, the critics They have not stopped coming out to her, since there has been no shortage of people who continue to give their opinion on how she currently looks, so she asked that they not mess with her body. In a meeting with reporters she said the following: “Yes I lost weight, what’s the problem? I’m still the same person, just now without the extra kilos and that’s it.”

Angélica Vale surprises with a stunning blue dress

This Sunday, the star gave us another look more now that it serves as the host of the program “Game of Voices” and on this occasion, she opted for a turquoise blue dress with which she showed off her dreamlike abdomen, since in that area, the garment had an opening with some jewels where her skin could be seen.

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Likewise, the dress also had an opening on the left side of her leg, giving her a greater view and molding her dream figure even more, because without a doubt this garment allowed us to see even more of the steel abdomen that she has and that many of us would like, because it It was perfect.

In addition to the incredible blue dress, Angélica Vale also opted for some silver accessories such as bracelets and long earrings that gave more life to this look, as well as some sandals of the same color and something that stood out was her hairstyle because she chose to wear it with waves. soft and loose her long hair.

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Without a doubt, we can notice a comedian actress with greater self-confidence and taking advantage of how beautiful she has always been, but who can now wear incredible looks and show them off to the four winds.

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