Ariadne Díaz shows photos from her childhood and ends rumors of an alleged nose job – El Diario NY

Ariadne Díaz shows photos from her childhood and ends rumors of an alleged nose job – El Diario NY

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Ariadne Díaz has been sincere about her stance against unnecessary plastic surgery and has expressed on several occasions that she is proud of her appearance just the way it is. Despite rumors and criticism, The actress has maintained her self-confidence and natural beauty.

However, The Mexican has always denied having undergone any surgical intervention to change her physical appearance, ensuring that her nose is natural and that nothing has ever been done to it. For this reason, she recently shared several photos from when she was a child and really little has changed.

Apparently, I had already had a nose job when I was 9 years old.“, was one of the messages that accompanied a postcard posted in the camera’s social network stories. Ariadne’s followers did not take long to react to her statements and many praised her beauty and bravery in facing the rumors with humor and without fear of what they will say.

In a publication on her social networks, the actress shared several photos from her childhood, adolescence and youth, demonstrating that she has always had the same appearance and that she has not resorted to any surgical intervention to change it.

Díaz continues to stand out in the world of acting and has shown that her talent is what makes her stand out, beyond her physical appearance. Her firm stance against plastic surgery has made her a role model for many people who also prefer to maintain her authenticity and originality.

For many years I didn’t like my nose, because everyone asked me from a very young age if I had surgery. and it generated a lot of conflict in me, it was ‘I swear I won’t’ and when you grow up you see that it is a compliment. I remember that the first time they asked me I was playing in the street outside my house. I was about 10 or 11 years old, a neighbor told me ‘you have an operated nose’ and I said ‘no,’” she mentioned in 2020 on Instagram.

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