At 62 years old, Nadia Comaneci proves to be more active than ever: “Back in my comfort zone” – La Opinion

At 62 years old, Nadia Comaneci proves to be more active than ever: “Back in my comfort zone” – La Opinion

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The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are just around the corner and in just less than 100 days they can be witnessed the best athletes in the world in different sports disciplines to give their all, in order to achieve a gold medal for their nation. One of the most remembered athletes of all time is Nadia Comaneci. During the edition held in Montreal in 1976, the gymnast from Romania became the focus of all the spotlights and reflectors, a sensation and also became the first in her discipline to achieve a completely perfect score (10 points). .

In the last hours, who in her active time managed to be Olympic champion on 5 occasions, He reappeared on social media with a routine that surprised and captivated his fans to no end. Comaneci, 62 years old, published a video on his social networks where he can be seen in a gym with various equipment, doing a floor practice, one of the elements in which he managed to win the gold medal in Moscow 1980.

Surprised the whole world once again

“Back in my comfort zone,” Nadia wrote in the aforementioned post where you can see him entering the scene and for 40 seconds he makes movements to perfection in which he shows his figure and the technique that he has not lost over the years. The publication began to be noticed and was circulating among his followers, who took the opportunity to leave their comments:

“Perfection! “You are the only reason I started gymnastics!” added one of her admirers.. “My God, he can still do the things from 1976, when he was barely 15 years old!” Added another of his fans on social media.

Icon through the ages

Comaneci changed the way we see artistic gymnastics forever after becoming into a fairly recognized figure worldwide, especially in the world of sports at such a young age. “It is every child’s dream. Everyone wants to be unique. When I was an athlete, boys did not have as many opportunities to play sports, much less girls,” Nadia analyzed in relation to the impact that everything she achieved at her young age had on the world of sports.

“Gymnastics is a sport in which you fall a lot, get back up and fall again. It is a fantastic lesson in what life is,” he added about the view of his discipline. “She received about 250 letters a day,” she recalled about the way in which she had contact with her followers after becoming champion in the individual all-around event and in the uneven bars and fixed bar finals. “Those were my social networks,” Nadia said.

Comaneci who was a multiple world champion and queen in European competitionsended his career in 1981 with a fantastic career after participating in two Olympic Games: he won five gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal in his Olympic experience.

The perfect 10 is a story you will never forget

A few days ago, at the Laureus awards ceremony known as the “Oscars” of the sport that took place in Madrid, the former gymnast remembered what her perfect score of 10 points was and talked a little about it.

“The 10 is what put me in the spotlight, because no one knew about me until I made the 10. The scoreboard could not reflect the 10 and the highest I could put it was 9.95, so they gave me a 1.00. That was what made people wonder who he was, where he came from, what Romania was… And everything was a boom from one day to the next. But that boom was not instantaneous for me, because I had been in the gym since I was 6 years old,” he recalled in dialogue with the newspaper AS, from Spain.

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