“Barbarian”: a slow-burning suspense film that burns

“Barbarian”: a slow-burning suspense film that burns


Unpredictable, bizarre and disturbing -because of the number of doubts it leaves open-, “Bárbaro” premiered in theaters. The film stars Georgina Campbell (“Black Mirror”), Bill Skarsgård (“It”) and Justin Long (“Jeepers Creepers”), directed by Zach Cregger.

Jumps in time feed the uncertainty of a story that comes and goes, dosing the information it gives the viewer. Who, by the way, can spend the whole story thinking «what? I was like ‘What the fuck’, I said, this is real », phrase taken from a viral Tik Tok reel in which its users make fun of what they see.

At times the bewilderment and slowness of actions makes you impatient, given the extensive script and the number of scenes that don’t say much. A filler that distracts while it lengthens and feeds the need to discover the terrifying secret, so far-fetched that it is told and not believed.

Suspense fans may feast as the revelation is getting later and more convoluted.

Points as dissimilar as sexual abuse in the Hollywood industry and rape anchored in a chauvinist and lying society, merge with a plot set in a mysterious house in the suburbs of Detroit. In it, two young people coincide who rent it simultaneously and must share it without knowing who they really are and what they have in mind. With the minutes the owner of the house will appear and the Dantesque past that hides its walls will be known.

The performances save the country but the story is so “barbaric” that one ends up thinking, like in another viral reel, “I hope the devil takes me.”


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