Beyoncé sued for allegedly infringing copyright in her song ‘Break My Soul’ – El Diario NY

Beyoncé sued for allegedly infringing copyright in her song ‘Break My Soul’ – El Diario NY


The group Da Showstoppazoriginally from New Orleans, filed a lawsuit this Wednesday against the singer Beyoncefor allegedly infringing copyright in his song “Break My Soul“.

According to legal documents obtained by the Rolling Stone portal, the former Destiny’s Child member is being sued along with her husband, Jay-Z, Sony Music and the rapper. Big Freedia.

In fact, the complaint first names Big Freedia, who in 2014 released the song “Explode,” which includes the phrase “release a wiggle.”

Da Showstoppaz, made up of Tessa Avie, Keva Bourgeois, Henri Braggs and Brian Clark, claim that the rapper illegally used this phrase, included in the lyrics of her song “Release A Wiggle”, from 2002.

Where does Beyoncé come into all this?

The lawsuit claims that Beyoncé ‘sampled’ for her song “Break My Soul” the parts that Freedia used illegally, so both compositions would have been created illicitly.

“Da Showstoppaz holds the copyright to the particular and distinctive lyrics and musical composition of ‘Release a Wiggle.’ Big Freedia had access to that song, which was later sampled on ‘Break My Soul’by Mrs. Carter (Beyoncé),” states the lawsuit filed by the aforementioned medium.

“So, by copying ‘Release a Wiggle’ into his track ‘Explode,’ Big Freedia infringed Da Showstoppaz’s copyright.”

The lawsuit claims that “Explode”, and therefore Beyoncé’s song, use other phrases “substantially similar” from the composition of the New Orleans group. Likewise, it highlights how “Break My Soul” had massive success and topped the charts, in addition to being played in live shows and TV performances.

“Mrs. Carter, Big Freedia, Sony and others have received much praise and substantial profits from ‘Explode’ and ‘Break My Soul,’” the lawsuit claims. “Da Showstoppaz have received nothing: no recognition, no credit, no remuneration of any kind.”

In the lawsuit, the group demands that they be credited with the rights to “Break My Soul” and “Explode”, as well as royalties for future licenses of the aforementioned tracks.

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