“Booing Messi is booing football”: Luis García criticized the attitude of Mexican fans – La Opinion

“Booing Messi is booing football”: Luis García criticized the attitude of Mexican fans – La Opinion

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Lionel Messi visited Mexico to play in the Concacaf Champions League. But the Inter Miami player experienced a hostile climate since he took the field. This attitude was questioned by different analysts, including former Mexican player Luis García.

Since the previous one, Messi had been provoked by Rayados de Monterrey fans. In addition to good receptions before arrival at the hotel, The Argentine also saw how they received him in the vicinity of the meeting place with a sign that said “No help Messi.”

During the second leg of the Concachampions, the fans at the BBVA Stadium also made themselves felt. The boos and whistles were heard in the house of Rayados de Monterrey. This hostile climate was not to Luis García’s liking.

It seems excessive to me, booing Messi is booing the ball, it’s booing footballI did not agree and it seems to me that one of the best fans, not only in Mexico, but in the world, is that of Nuevo León, Monterrey and Tigres, the Monterrey people are fascinating. But it seems to me that it was excessive to boo every time Messi touched the ball“said the former Mexican player.

This concept was also expressed by David Faitelson and some Argentine journalists who joined to show their disagreement with that treatment.

Some circulate through social networks bawdy singing videos performed by the fans present at the BBVA Stadium. In addition, a curious video was shared in which Several Rayados de Monterrey fans trample on a Messi shirt.

Messi and CR7 are going to be missed

So much Cristiano Ronaldo as Lionel Messi They are the target of chants from rival fans. However, these distractions are very ineffective, or at least that has been the case in the careers of these two athletes. But Luis García reflected on both. The former El Tri player believes that those who are whistled today will be missed tomorrow.

“What happened yesterday in the fantastic Rayados stadium is a perfect sign that everyone wants to see MessiThe longer Messi is on the field and playing in championships and reaching finals, the ball will laugh, We are going to hit each other in the future when Cristiano and Messi are not there”Garcia added.

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