Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $43 per month plus BONUSES

Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $43 per month plus BONUSES

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If you live in Canada and you are in search of job ideal where you can have a good salary, this could be your lucky day and your great opportunity in the world of work, since there is a vacancy available on the platform of the Workbench of said North American country, which can be a great option for the entire Latino community that lives there and here we tell you what it is about.

This job offer is for the position as a financial analyst to work at the company Mehome Real Estate Services Inc, which is located in the city of Richmond in the province of British Columbia, and they are looking for ideal candidates to join their team.

Some tasks and responsibilities The requirements that must be met for this job are: collecting information on financial topics, performing investment analysis, advising clients, analyzing investment projects, developing and using tools for the financial portfolio, among others.

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For this job, it is extremely important to have a degree in the area of ​​finance, in addition to having experience on the subject, while the salary It ranges from 38 to 43 dollars per hour with bonuses and you only work 30 to 40 hours per week, plus there are other benefits for you.

What do you need for this job in Canada


  • Compile financial and investment information about companies, stocks, bonds and other investments.
  • Examine and analyze financial and investment information (company profiles, stock or bond prices, returns and future trends)
  • Prepare economic, industry and company outlooks, analytical reports, briefing notes and correspondence.
  • Provide investment advice and recommendations to clients, senior company officials, pension fund administrators, securities agents and associates.
  • Analyze investment projects.
  • Assist in the preparation of operating and investment budgets.
  • Develop, implement and use tools for the management and analysis of the financial portfolio.
  • Assess financial risks, prepare financial forecasts, financing scenarios and other documents related to capital management.
  • Plan short- and long-term cash flows and evaluate financial performance.


  • Experience: 3 years to less than 5 years
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent oral communication.
  • Excellent written communication.
  • Flexibility


  • Health Benefits: Health Care Plan
  • Financial benefits: Premium
  • Life insurance
  • Free parking available

If you are interested in this job vacancy, you live in Canada and meet the aforementioned requirements, you can apply directly to the canadian job bank website to continue with the entire due process together with the company to apply for the position.

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