Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with secondary school;  salary of 18 dollars an hour without speaking English!

Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with secondary school; salary of 18 dollars an hour without speaking English!

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If you are reviewing job vacancies in Canadaperhaps the one run by the company ‘Les produits de toitures Fransyl’ in Terrebonne (Quebec,) is of interest to you. This is a full-time position as a ‘Materials Handler,’ and the pay is 18 Canadian dollars per hour. That is, in a day that could extend up to 50 hours a week, you would earn 900 Canadian dollars (about 11,215.77 Mexican pesos.) Below, we show you the requirements:

Job requirements in Canada that pay up to 18 CAD per hour

‘Les produits de toitures Fransyl’ is a company Canada specialized in the sale and installation of construction materials; especially those related to roofs, terraces and ceilings in general. The good news is that this employment vacancy does not require English proficiency at all; However, being located in the province of Québec, the French language is completely essential. For the rest, the requirements They are easy to follow for those used to physical work:

  • Advanced understanding of the French language (spoken and written)
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience of at least one year, but less than two years
  • Availability to work outdoors; in hot, cold, rainy and snowy environments
  • Strong tolerance for working with a lot of noise
  • Great strength and physical condition (ability to lift heavy weights, push, pull, and carry manual loads)
  • Availability to work sporadically on night shifts, weekends, or holidays
  • Apply the analysis to criminal history history

Job features in Canada that pay up to CAD 18 an hour

If you think you meet the requirements requested, you can apply through the page Job Bank Canada. Of course: you can only apply if you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary resident with a valid work permit. It is undoubtedly a physically demanding job; However, the payment of $18 per hour exceeds the minimum established in Quebec. Before applying, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tasks you would carry out on a day-to-day basis if you were the chosen candidate:

  • Build or repair pallets
  • Load, unload and move materials by hand (or with auxiliary equipment when necessary)
  • Send orders to suppliers and/or permanent clients
  • Pick orders and ensure appropriate stock
  • Wrap products for protection
  • Organize inventories using control systems (will be given by training in the usual software)
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