Canada launches jobs for Latinos with a salary of $19 per hour

Canada launches jobs for Latinos with a salary of $19 per hour

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Canada launches job vacancy for Latinos, offers a salary of 18 Dollars by hour. This job position is for working 32 to 40 hours per week, it is a full-time job with the possibility of permanent hiring. According to the employer’s information, it is requested that the person interested in applying be willing to start working as soon as possible.

The position offered is as a food service supervisor, in the performance of this job, the employee will be in charge of supervising and coordinating the activities that will be carried out by the different members of the staff who are responsible for preparing and serving the food, and must also be in charge to designate and coordinate the schedules of job of each of the members of the kitchen team.

In addition, they must train the staff in terms of the tasks they must cover and show them the hygiene and safety protocols for food preparation. The supervisor will be in charge of managing and keeping in stock the necessary supplies to carry out the dishes that are prepared. and must ensure that both food and service meet quality control standards.

Additional information for this job vacancy in Canada

In addition to the tasks already mentioned, the supervisor will be in charge of keeping the waste generated in the restaurant under control and giving it proper management, and will prepare reports on the operation of the store. To aspire to apply in this vacant of employment in Canada It is necessary that the interested party master the English language and also have at least one year’s experience in a position of job similar.

Another of the requirements The employer requests is to have a high school diploma or equivalent, the salary offered is 19 Dollars by hour. According to the employer’s information, no additional benefits are offered to the salary. People who can apply for this job They must be Canadian citizens or must have a valid work permit in the country.

The employer specified that having a permit job is he requirement essential to be able to apply for this vacantIf you do not have it, the application will not be taken into account by the personnel in charge of recruitment. If you meet the requirements that are requested and the salary of 18 dollars per hour seems attractive to you, then do not hesitate to apply your application directly by clicking here.

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